Photovoltaic example systems

20.2KW Photovoltaic

This system located at the Ute Mountain Farm & Ranch is one of our commercial systems.  It has 84 Trina 240watt modules with M215 Enphase microinverters.  Click Here for production data.


10.3KW Photovoltaic

This system located on the Advanced Pain Medicine building located at 37th and Oliver in Wichita is one of our first commercial systems, installed in 2010.  It has 48 AE 215watt modules with M190 Enphase microinverters.  Click Here for production data.


6.1KW Photovoltaic

This system is made up of twenty-six 235watt photovoltaic modules mounted on a 12/12 roof in Hesston, KS.  Click Here for production data.





10kW Mike Deans, Artesia








8kW U.S. Forrest Service – Queens