Solar Power Is An Excellent Investment

With technological advances in manufacturing, along with government tax incentives, prices of Photovoltaic installations have never been lower.

We offer systems fully installed for as low as $3-4/watt including warranty.

The size of your system depends upon three main factors:

1. Usage (based upon your electric bill)  Your last year’s history is helpful.

2. Roof Space (how many panels will fit on your roof) Each module is 39″ x 65″ and produces about 250 watts.  What are the dimensions of your south facing roof?  Check for shading as well- any trees or other objects within 100′ in an arc from east to south to west.

3. Budget.  For example, a 4Kw system would produce about $50/month and cost about $16,000 up front- less the 30% Federal Tax Credit= $11,200.  A 10KW system would produce about $140/month and cost about $32,000 up front, but with the tax credit, end up costing $21,000.  Of course, prices vary depending on roof structure, electrical setup, utility requirements, etc.


We recommend using PVWATTS v.1 to determine what size of system will best fit your needs.  This is a handy tool to play with and calculate all the “what ifs” of different size systems, tilt, angle, and cost of electricity to let you know what you could conservatively expect for each month and for the whole year.


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